Presidential Hopeful Dines on Arthur

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich had a taste of Little Italy and met with New York and Fordham voters at The Bronx Market.

Bernie Sanders Visits Arthur Avenue

Presidential Candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders made an unannounced visit to Michelangelo’s in Little Italy on Arthur Avenue and 189th Street on Monday, the eve of the New York State Presidential Primary.

In (Reluctant) Defense of Kasich’s Rape Response

At a town hall in Watertown, New York last week, republican presidential candidate John Kasich responded to a female college student’s concerns about sexual assault in a way that stirred some controversy.

Union Negotiations Continue

Since last year’s agreement between the university and the SEIU, Fordham’s contingent faculty union and university administrators have met to negotiate terms of upcoming contracts for adjuncts and lecturers.

Editorial: Unfair Adjunct Wages Go Against Jesuit Values

From the time Fordham students step on campus freshman year, it is clear the university’s identity as a Jesuit institution is a hallmark of the Fordham way.

Football’s Garrick Mayweather Signs With Kansas City Chiefs

On Tuesday morning, the Kansas City Chiefs signed Fordham Football product Garrick Mayweather. His agent was the first one to announce the news.

Man to Man: “It’s On Us”

This past weekend, I was at an off-campus party with friends. In the span of five minutes, I saw three things happen:

1. A drunk guy tried to force a beer down a girl’s throat.
2. That same guy forced a girl to dance with him and follow her around the party.
3. Another guy went behind a girl and rub his crotch on her without her knowledge.

LGBTQ Community Responds to Harassment

On Friday, Sept 23., Progressive Students for Justice: Women’s Empowerment (PSJ: Women’s Empowerment) hosted “Speak-Out Against Homophobia” on the McGinley lawn. Students and allies of the LGBTQ community voiced their concerns about the Sept. 3 incident in Finlay Hall, where three LGBTQ roommates found a harassing comment written on their door’s whiteboard.

Stroie and Simon Win Top USG Seats

In the most contested election with the highest voter turn out this 2012, Daniel Stroie and Eli Simon, both GSB ’17, were announced as the executive president and vice president, respectively, of United Student Government (USG) at a quarter before 8 p.m.

Timeflies Hits Spring Weekend Stage

Saturday marked Fordham’s annual Spring Weekend concert, the pinnacle of the weekend’s festivities. This year’s lineup included student funk rock band Free Advertising, indie-pop group Prinze George and a high energy performance from pop duo Timeflies.

Give CAB Credit For Spring Weekend

At Fordham, we take our Spring Weekend very seriously— and who can blame us? It’s undoubtedly the biggest student-oriented event of the year, and it is an opportunity for everyone to truly take advantage of the large, open space Fordham provides us in the middle of the Bronx. Add 80-degree sunshine, a stage and flash tattoos to the mix and Martyrs lawn feels a lot like a music festival.

USG Installs “Beautiful Bronx” Art Gallery

Buses, towers, busy streets and a smiling homeless man were on display at Fordham’s Bronx art gallery, filled with student art and photos that highlight the sometimes forgotten beauty of the beloved borough. Students and faculty celebrated the newest McGinley Art Gallery installation titled “The Beautiful Bronx,” gathering on the terrace for its opening night on Wednesday. 

Clubs Sponsor Debate Viewing

Political organizations on campus such as the Fordham Political Review, United Student Government, College Democrats and College Republicans co-sponsored a screening of the debate between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Syria, Climate Change and Free Speech Discussed in College Dem, Repub Debate

In the midst of the presidential election, College Democrats and College Republicans found themselves on two far ends of the political spectrum during a heated debate.